Breaded Bliss: Why swissbäkers Takes the Cake


Maybe you’ve dropped by the Wakefield farmers market for a cinnamon Berliner (fun to say, even better to eat), or perhaps you’ve sampled a pretzel roll at the Allston swissbäkers location. But if you haven’t experienced swissbäkers at the Reading train depot, we have to say it: You’re missing out.

There’s something about this quaint space that makes you truly savor the fresh, sweet pastries. With its distinctive European feel, you could be taking the train to almost anywhere. And as far as the pastries go, fresh is an understatement — everything you see was handmade that same day, with no additives or artificial ingredients of any kind.

Have we convinced you to head on over yet? We recommend you try a chocolate croissant or raspberry Berliner with your morning coffee, and then perhaps return for lunch in the form of adorably sized turkey-and-mozzarella sandwiches with homemade pickles on salty pretzel rolls.

The family-owned business began the way the best of them do — in the kitchen of the owners, Helene and Thomas Stohr. And the Stohrs are committed to doing good well beyond their doorstep. They’ve been sponsors and contributors to a host of worthy causes. If that weren’t all enough to make them a favorite, they’re also a green company — winners of the 2012 Green Business Award.

The Reading swissbäkers is located at 32 Lincoln St.